Why We’re Doing This

A lot of agencies will tell you that advertising is their passion – that they eat/sleep/breathe marketing strategy and get sexually aroused by brand activation. That’s not us. We have diverse interests, rich inner lives, and get sexually aroused by mostly normal stimuli. We work in advertising not because we love it, but because we’re good at it (and as of yet no one has hired us to write TV comedy).


If you want a standard advertising experience, we’re probably not the agency for you. If you haven’t figured this out yet, we’re weird. But we like doing things nobody’s tried before and we take pride in our work. So look around at our projects, and if it turns out you like our particular brand of weirdness, drop us a line.


Check Out Our Projects

An Important Disclaimer

Before you get all excited and send us one of those giant foam checks to do your advertising, we should probably be upfront about something: there’s not a ton of scientific evidence showing that ads have a consistent effect on product sales. If Coca Cola stopped advertising for a year (and say, donated its $3.3 billion yearly marketing budget to charity), do you really think people would stop drinking Coke? Probably not.


But then again, you don’t work at Coke. You work at a smaller company that needs to get your brand out there*. We think we can help with that. And while we don’t have experimental data to back that up, remember – neither does anyone else. 


*We don’t actually know where you work. Maybe you do work at Coke. Or maybe you have nothing to do with advertising and are just reading the copy on an ad agency’s website for fun (come on though, why?).

After reading all this, you might be asking yourself, “Is this an actual ad agency or some kind of weird art project?” Well, that’s up to you (and how much money you’d like to exchange for our services).