What’s a 360 Campaign?

It’s a lot of stuff, actually.



Pizza: What a Pizza Treat!

We did a real good holistic campaign for pizza, the food that you eat. Our experiential campaign was deployed in four waves:

Wave 1: What the fuck is Pizza?

Wave 2: Shove it in your face when you’re sad.

Wave 3: How to get it?

Wave 4: Send empty pizza boxes to Influencers


Eggs: They’re not from the teat!

The US Dairy Council hired us to remind the public that eggs are not dairy, as they do not come from the teat. Here’s what we did:

1. We handed out eggs at nightclubs and the hottest bars.

2. We challenged people to eat hardboiled eggs… AT NIGHT!

3. The Save the Shells Campaign: People sent us their shells and we send them a quarter.

Tennis Balls

Pop the tube, smell the tennis!

We started with a 30 second spot during the finale of ABC’s Designated Survivor. It went like this: A TENNIS PLAYER drops their gym bag down on a bench on a tennis court and ZIPS it open. Lying on top of everything is a brand new TUBE of TENNIS BALLS. The Player pops the cap, pulls the tab and INHALES the fresh smell of balls deeply. Satisfied, the slogan runs across: “Pop the Tube, Smell the Tennis.”

After that, we did some print ads and come podcast audio and some other stuff and much of it went horribly wrong!

Bad Cars

Bad cars are good cars now!

Okay, calm down – this one is a work in progress.