Our Projects

At Ad Agency, our slogan is “No matter what you want marketed, how you want to market it, or who you want to market it to, we will be the people to market it… all the way to the market.” Just kidding, that slogan sucks. Our slogan is “We’re an ad agency!” But really, we’ll do anything you want. And we mean anything…

Web & Product Design

Need a website? We can build it. Need a product? We’ll design it. Don’t believe us? Check out the sites we’ve built here, and if you still don’t think we can build a website, joke’s on you – we built this website!


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Remember when everybody watched a lot of commercials? You know, before networks shot themselves in the foot by refusing to adapt to the changing media landscape? If you want to pretend that an entire generation hasn’t been trained to ignore video ads, we can make them for you! We have the technology!


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360 Campaigns

We came up with a simple motto that drives all of our 360 campaigns: “a revolution gets its name by always coming back around in your face.”  Okay, maybe we stole that line from Under Siege, the 1992 action-thriller starring famous sex criminal Steven Seagal. And maybe it doesn’t have anything to do with how we handle overall brand strategy, but it’s on our website, so that’s something.


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Social Media Engagement

Does your brand get punked a lot on Twitter by super cool teens? Hire us and we’ll punk those teens right back! We can also hook you up with a Facebook account and interact with the confused elderly people that try to search Google by posting on your page.


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Instagram Management

Want a cool and curated Instagram page where all the pictures in the grid line up to form a bigger image or a hidden message? No? You just wanted us to post pictures of butts to drive traffic to your site? Okay, fine we can do that, but we’d prefer to do the other thing.


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